Essential Elixir Scalp Soother

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Mess-free application 💧
Promotes hair health 🌿
Easy to use 👋

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Tired of messy hair treatments? Say goodbye to stained hands! 💆

Introducing the Essential Elixir Scalp Soother, the hair care revolution you never knew you needed! Gone are the days of dripping oils and uneven applications. Our scalp applicator is designed with precision in mind, featuring elastic rolling ball teeth and a careful-release handle to ensure that every drop of your treasured hair serum reaches its destination - your hair roots - without waste or mess.

Embrace the path to stronger, fuller hair! 🌱

The Essential Elixir Scalp Soother isn't just an applicator; it's a catalyst for hair transformation. As it gently massages your scalp, it introduces the essential oils or growth serums evenly, invigorating your hair follicles to promote healthier, denser growth. Enjoy simplicity in your hair care ritual with our easy-to-control application that turns a mundane routine into a spa-like experience.

Struggling with uneven hair product application? 🤔

We understand that applying scalp treatments can often result in less product reaching some areas of your scalp than others. Our comb is the answer, ensuring even distribution of liquids directly to where it's needed most. Scalp treatments have never been so straightforward or effective!

Customer Reviews

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Larissa Schneider

He arrived quickly and well despite the fact that he only came in his box. This Chinese invention is a genius. It really helps to distribute the liquid on the scalp without wasting it on the hair and fingertips. Is small and practical. The only thing that failed them is that the top plug is not completely hermetic, so if it is left aside, the precious liquid will spill. Outside of that, I widely recommend product and seller.

Kelsie Bauch

Very well, but I expected it more.

Aurelie Runte

It came to Me very quickly, I am very satisfied because it is very good when applying it relaxes you because it has like a comb and crashes on your scalp.

Shannon Ankunding

Little quasas

Nils Fahey

Very small but gets the job done